Hiking above Santa Brigida

Last Sunday we went on a hike even if it is November and the weather has been pretty awful lately. But the day promised no rain for once, just gray skies and we wanted to go out for a few hours and enjoy some fresh air. I’ve been wanting to share some of our pics with you, because despite the light drizzle and the slippery stones that ended up with a soaked foot for half of the hike, we really enjoyed our hike in November.

So in no particular order here are some of the sights we came across.

The small room you see to the left is one of a collection of “burraie” in these hills. They are places where butter was stored during the year since it seems the area is very cool with lots of streams passing through providing natural refrigeration. All of the burraie have a stream passing through the inside of these small caves.

We have no idea what this tree is but it was so neat finding it blooming pink and orange along the hiking trail! 🙂

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