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General uncivility

This late afternoon, for a few minutes, I forgot I lived in Italy. As I was preparing and stretching for my long along the river, I noticed a car right in front of me with two women talking inside. Nothing … Continue reading

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Italy – the good and the bad

I ran into this a week or so ago and it made me laugh as well as groan out loud. I can’t find where I got it from, if anybody knows the source let me know as I’d like to … Continue reading

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Snow in Florence

It started snowing yesterday after lunch and in a matter of 30 minutes, the snow was sticking. It never used to snow at all in Florence but over the last 5 years we’ve seen at least one big snowfall during … Continue reading

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Hiking above Santa Brigida

Last Sunday we went on a hike even if it is November and the weather has been pretty awful lately. But the day promised no rain for once, just gray skies and we wanted to go out for a few … Continue reading

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Junk food in Italy

There is no good junk food in Italy. As an American used to at least a whole aisle of junk good in US supermarkets, what is on offer here in Italy is pretty pathetic. I am sure it is all … Continue reading

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Things to love about Italy

Vernazza, one of the five towns in Cinque Terre My last post was sort of negative about Italy (it was one of those days) so I don’t want anyone reading this to go away with the impression that I don’t … Continue reading

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the experience of living in italy

i live in italy. i am not italian. sometimes i love italy, sometimes it can be pull-your-hair-out frustruating to live here. most of the time, it is just home and it is just this way. living in italy is an … Continue reading

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