A short respite from the rain

I got really lucky this morning with the rain. Forecast said rain all morning with chance of a break in the afternoon (which is true as it is 2pm as I write and the sun is even shining!) but last night I thought to myself: if tomorrow morning it isn’t raining when the alarm goes off, I make myself get up and go on my week’s long run (10 miles). The morning was gray but it wasn’t raining, so I made myself get up and go! There was a little bit of drizzle on the hills but I even enjoyed a ray or two of sunshine up near Maiano. Here are two shots of the beautiful view I had of Florence on the furthest part of my run – can you make out the Duomo? Shortly after I got back, it started to rain – again!

So even if my knees are a little achy after my run, I am really glad I got up and went running… maybe I’m starting to finally catch the bug!

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