It is time

Over the last several years, I’ve pulled up the blog, taken a look and closed it. I didn’t have the time to do what I wanted with it and I let it languish. On pause. So many things to write, but not the time to sit down properly and actually write them. That was an excuse, of course. But other things certainly have take precedence (like babies). We are in the middle of an international health pandemic, writing can be therapeutic in these times of troubles and, therefore, here I am.

You don’t know the countless posts I have written in my head as a live and walk around and have something happen, where I mull endlessly over how to share them. Writing sentences over and over in my head. Yet they never transferred down to the keyboard to be written, let alone shared. Thus, I have created and created and yet, things seem to be incomplete by inaction.

But today is the day that this ends. I cannot keep on letting the world happen to me without reacting and interacting, and my way to do it will be by writing and sharing. Even if I still struggle with finding or making the time to do so. I have lots to say, and I thank whoever might happen upon this page if you even take the time to read them. I am not writing them to be read by anyone in particular, I am just ready to be open up on my thoughts. After all, why not? It’s 2020 and we still have about another month to deal with, right?

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