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It is time

Over the last several years, I’ve pulled up the blog, taken a look and closed it. I didn’t have the time to do what I wanted with it and I let it languish. On pause. So many things to write, … Continue reading

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Peló gallo…

Viviendo en Italia, la verdad es que tengo tanto tiempo que no oigo tantas de estas frases nuestras mexicanas… antes sabía bien su significado, ahora las estoy perdiendo. No usandolas, no oyendolas. Pero he empezado a conocer otras mexicanas que … Continue reading

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A few lilies in the studio to brighten our day 🙂 Since I’m sharing flowers, let me brighten your day with a few more of my favorites in our garden… Do you know what plant is this? I let my … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse 2011

I’d like to share two of the best shots I managed of the lunar eclipse that took place on June 15,2011. The most amazing thing was how the moon turned RED during the eclipse. It was pretty low in the … Continue reading

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General uncivility

This late afternoon, for a few minutes, I forgot I lived in Italy. As I was preparing and stretching for my long along the river, I noticed a car right in front of me with two women talking inside. Nothing … Continue reading

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A knitting event in Florence

I’ve signed up for this knitting event hosted by BettaKnit, a yarn company from Prato being held next week, April 28 from 7-10pm at Le Murate. I’m really looking forward to it, meeting some other knitters as well as expats … Continue reading

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Italy – the good and the bad

I ran into this a week or so ago and it made me laugh as well as groan out loud. I can’t find where I got it from, if anybody knows the source let me know as I’d like to … Continue reading

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Belated Christmas Period Photos

I just found some pics on my laptop from December that I realize I never shared and had intended to. December just flew by – and I can’t believe we are already almost over with February!!

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The walls around us

Stone, brick, cement, wood and plaster. We build walls around us and call them home. The other walls around us are not made of Stone, brick, cement, wood or plaster yet they are as strong. As protective. As defensive. The … Continue reading

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A blanket for Viola

Here are some pics of the baby blanket I made for Viola ( who is now 10 months old!). I think the blanket came out very nicely, it was a great project to try different stitches as I learn to … Continue reading

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