About me

i am an american living and working in florence, italy. i made the move overseas about 8 years ago, but first came to italy over 10 years ago as a college student. i studied international relations, all the way up to my master’s degree, with a specific focus on the european union, italy and international political economics. italian politics always intrigued me as a student, but as a resident, they just frustrate me most of the time!

i love to read. reading makes me travel to different places and times. i could spend entire days reading, most of it fiction. i don’t read much non-fiction nowadays.

i also like to crochet and am teaching myself knitting. working in front of a computer and these sedentary hobbies are not good for me, so i started running over 2 years ago. i am not very fast, but i can jog for over an hour. the longest run so far has been a 16km run… half-marathon, here i come!

i love hiking, and would like to do more cycling and mountain biking. i have to get in better shape to handle more time on the bike –  it is so much fun! i feel like i am a kid again. it is a wonderful feeling to know i can do things i hadn’t thought myself capable of before. being able to hike up to the top of a mountain makes me feel on top of the world!

i don’t consider myself a good cook, at least not yet, but i am learning. i do love to bake and i love trying out new recipes, especially “healthier” ones! 🙂 this is why i need to be good about getting my butt out of the house.

i am married to a wonderful italian man – if you know some italian, check out his blog on search engines, seo and much more.

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