A knitting event in Florence

I’ve signed up for this knitting event hosted by BettaKnit, a yarn company from Prato being held next week, April 28 from 7-10pm at Le Murate. I’m really looking forward to it, meeting some other knitters as well as expats that might show up. I’m also curious to see the new Le Murate, how it has been arranged as it is supposed to be open for public events. If it reflects the wonderful space that’s been built up around Le Oblate, I’ll be very happy :). The Oblate is a public library in Florence built on the principle of American libraries – borrow books, CDs, DVDs, computers available for use, free wi-fi. The top floor of the library is a terrace which is a perfect meeting place. Don’t expect Le Murate to be like that, of course – but if the space is thought of for future uses in similar terms, it will be very nice. And it just happens to be close to home, too 🙂

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