Liquid gold: what fresh pressed EVOO looks like

I’m willing to guess most people have not seen what freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil really looks like unless they make it themselves. What most people find in the supermarkets, even if its fresh extra virgin olive oil, has already gone through filtering to make it clear. What you see above is what it looks like just a day after pressing.

This olive oil is made from olives my in-laws have spent the last week hand picking, the olive trees surround their home just outside Florence and receive no chemical treatments and are lovingly pruned every year. Every November is spent “on the tree” since they have “not managed” to find any help from local seasonal workers… the thing is they’re really particular about how the olives are to be harvested: no machines because they damage the trees, so all hand picked or not at all. Can’t really blame them but it is difficult for us to get to away and help them out during the week.

This is truly liquid gold – unfiltered, organic and delicious!! And this coming from someone who used to hate olive oil – because all she had ever tasted before was clear, dark yellow and bitter. Definitely not extra virgin olive oil, definitely not fresh!

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