One without the other…

I got two very neat, enjoyable and just awesome gifts this year from the family that cannot be a better match, one definitely making the other even more enjoyable. I am talking of a Garmin Forerunner 305 running watch and a Girmi 5000 gelato maker!! See, I can’t in all good conscience enjoy the gelato maker as much as I am going to enjoy it if I didn’t have the running watch now to use to plan my runs and training, a requirement to burn all those extra calories I am already eating this holiday season and in the very near foreseeable future!
To prove these are definitely awesome gifts I put the gelato maker to use the day after Christmas, as soon as I read the short instruction manual and included recipe book to decide what I’d make first. Since the supermarket was closed on Sunday, I had to decide on what I already had on hand in the refrigerator. As luck would have it, I had enough chocolate on hand to make half of the recipe of Chocolate Gelato – yes!! And the exact amount of whipping cream leftover for “primo latte” gelato, a milk/cream gelato with no eggs. Lighter but not by all that much, with milk and whipping cream mix but for the first two recipes to try, these were definitely easy enough with no more than 4 ingredients on the list. Both were a success! Although I wasn’t sure how to go about the transfer to the freezer as everything was starting to melt on me but those are details that I will surely figure out with practice 🙂

And the Forerunner? Put on charge and took it out on the road on Monday – so cool to see time, pace, distance and heart beat (even if in tiny numbers in one corner) all at one glance. SO AWESOME!! Now I need to install the software and start planning some serious running to burn off all this panna (cream) calories.

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