General update: Still here!

garter stitch blanket

I finally finished it!
A baby blanket for my nephew Davion, who is now almost 11 months – better late than never! ๐Ÿ˜‰
So the blanket is pretty easy to make but it can get a bit boring – I am actually still teaching myself knitting and therefore slow.
The pattern is from Lion Brand and you can find it here on the Lion Brand site (you might have to register to download the pattern). I made it in Lime color, using the yarn recommended which I found beautiful and easy to work with. A mix of cotton and acrylic should make taking care of it easy enough.

Here is a recent pic of Davion, with his little teeth popping out!

As for the half marathon training, it is going pretty good overall. I’ve managed to keep mostly on top of all the runs even if some weeks I’ve moved the days around. What I need to be better about are the other days when I have strength and stretching routines to do… have tended to miss several of those. I am ok with the days of cross training, but the strength workouts are harder to make myself do… I definitely have to improve on that.

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