a new blog is born!

Hello! This site has been up for several years now, always meant to be a personal website/blog. It was first used to post details and photos of our wedding in 2002 and that stayed on the site.

Time has passed, I’ve been really busy and working. I can’t complain since things are going quite well. But in the back of my mind I’ve always kept thinking of what I’d like to do on this site. I’d like it to be a place where I can share with family and friends events and thoughts happening in my life. My interests and hobbies, collecting information and links to other wonderful sites and blogs that now make the core of the internet.

I’m on the Web a lot because of work. I do my share of surfing and have seen the popularity of blogs rise during these years. I do my fair share of reading many of them, from personal sites to food blogs to travel blogs that I find interesting. I’ve always lurked, always appreciating how much people share about their life and interests and feelings. And I’ve decided to take the plunge!

Why not? As long as I don’t write things that might come back to haunt me, right? So here is my first post – and a new blog is born! 🙂

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