The walls around us

Stone, brick, cement, wood and plaster.
We build walls around us and call them home.

The other walls around us are not made of
Stone, brick, cement, wood or plaster
yet they are as strong.
As protective.
As defensive.

The walls around us which we cannot see
are made of words not spoken
are not visible but are still there.

We create them to protect us, to not let people in
If we are lucky, we let a select few in through some of the walls
If we are even more lucky, some may enter to the closest wall around us.
Maybe just one select person, the one who can see you as you are.

Sometimes that person still doesn’t go all the way.
To the soul.
To understand what makes you you.
To understand and not judge.
To accept…
Accept we are all different, that there is no right answer.
That an answer given now might change in the future,
that it is not set in stone.

So the walls around us remain.

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  • Pzrhodes

    Did you write this Lou? I love it–and so true. Thanks for dropping by my website.

  • Lourdes

    Yes I did, in one of my very rare reflective moments I thought to write down
    what was going through my head. Glad you liked it and thank you for visiting
    and reading my blog! :)