Bruises I missed growing up

So after my little sister ran her second half marathon two weeks ago I finally decided to stop procrastinating and start my own training, something I’ve wanted to do for about 2 years now – Irene, you’re my inspiration! I am very proud of you, of what you have accomplished and as far as running goes, I am trying to catch up to you!

I started the half marathon training schedule I found online and the first week went well. Then I get to the weekend and Saturday was a hellish sort of day and I skipped my scheduled workout, Sunday was a beautiful sunny day so DH proposed an outing on the MTB and couldn’t say no even if I had a run scheduled. Figured I’d do that today, which I did – despite the bruised arm and legs I am sporting today after a short flight off the bike yesterday. Happened so fast not sure exactly what happened, but it was a steep downhill and I was sure it would happen sooner or later. Aside from continuing downhill by foot while the leg and arm throbbed, once we got back on flatter ground I got back on and managed to do the rest of the short ride on the bike. Actually the bruises are not as bad as I thought and I think my run today, even if quite slow, will help get the aches and pains out quicker. DH says I am catching up on the bruises I missed out getting growing up, he calls me city girl… which isn’t really true, I was a small town girl but I guess we really didn’t spend much time outdoors.

Tomorrow I have another run and today’s strength workout to catch up on, let’s hope I can manage it and the rest of the week turns out better as far as being able to keep my schedule.

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