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Playing with words

Playing around with this really neat applet called Wordle – you put in random words or whole phrases and it places them all around to create a really neat whole. You can change font, colors and the placement – go … Continue reading

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A short respite from the rain

I got really lucky this morning with the rain. Forecast said rain all morning with chance of a break in the afternoon (which is true as it is 2pm as I write and the sun is even shining!) but last … Continue reading

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Hiking above Santa Brigida

Last Sunday we went on a hike even if it is November and the weather has been pretty awful lately. But the day promised no rain for once, just gray skies and we wanted to go out for a few … Continue reading

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Bread making

I’ve been experimenting with the No Knead bread offered by Matt Bittman on the NYT over the entire summer, making about 1-2 batches each week. Depending on the weather, humidity, heat etc results have greatly varied. The recipe also calls … Continue reading

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Cold hands

Unprepared, we were biking back to the office when it started to sprinkle. “What’s the matter?”, he asks. “My hands are freezing”, I answer. “Here” he says, as he stops, takes out his gloves from his pocket and hands them … Continue reading

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Liquid gold: what fresh pressed EVOO looks like

I’m willing to guess most people have not seen what freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil really looks like unless they make it themselves. What most people find in the supermarkets, even if its fresh extra virgin olive oil, has … Continue reading

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Sugar and Spice Cookies

I really love to bake and I have a bunch of recipes I’ve printed out I want to try, from baked donuts (yum! no donuts in Italy so I haven’t had any donuts in … I can’t remember!) to pumpkin … Continue reading

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Rain and more rain. And 9 miles.

It has been raining since Saturday night and it still doesn’t want to stop. My long runs are on Sundays and yesterday my schedule said I had to put in 9 miles. Yikes, I’m up to 9 miles! Anyways, the … Continue reading

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