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Paris is just Paris…

… and it is just beautiful! Just got back from three days in Paris and it is hard to get back to work. But to think of it, three days aren’t really that long to cause a break or real … Continue reading

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Óbidos, a charming village

On to our second day in Portugal, still in Óbidos. Since we arrived at 6pm the night before and went  straight to the medieval festival, we spent the morning exploring Óbidos, looking forward to walking on top of the walls. … Continue reading

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A trip to Medieval times in Óbidos

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of our trip to Portugal since we got back (almost a month ago!) and I just thought the idea of a photo blog was the perfect way to share our week with all of … Continue reading

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Junk food in Italy

There is no good junk food in Italy. As an American used to at least a whole aisle of junk good in US supermarkets, what is on offer here in Italy is pretty pathetic. I am sure it is all … Continue reading

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Things to love about Italy

Vernazza, one of the five towns in Cinque Terre My last post was sort of negative about Italy (it was one of those days) so I don’t want anyone reading this to go away with the impression that I don’t … Continue reading

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the experience of living in italy

i live in italy. i am not italian. sometimes i love italy, sometimes it can be pull-your-hair-out frustruating to live here. most of the time, it is just home and it is just this way. living in italy is an … Continue reading

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a new blog is born!

Hello! This site has been up for several years now, always meant to be a personal website/blog. It was first used to post details and photos of our wedding in 2002 and that stayed on the site. Time has passed, … Continue reading

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